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"I had a privilege and pleasure to work with Ms. Caroline Llorca on several occasions… The companies benefited from her meticulous and detailed knowledge of “Swan Lake” and her natural authority, with which she directed rehearsals. Her artistic leadership was deeply appreciated by the team of ballet masters, pianists and dancers, -including myself, - and eventually produced the highest results. Ms. Llorca is a very professional, organized, collegial and charming person, who is internationally recognized by the ballet community in Russia, Europe, and the USA. Her fundamental knowledge of the classical ballet is quite unique.”
Nina Ananiashvili, Prima Ballerina - State Bolshoi Ballet and American Ballet Theater
Artistic director of the State Ballet of Georgia. Moscow, 2005

“Ms. Llorca was a member of Boston Ballet´s  artistic staff  and also taught in our Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education. She has a very high standard and taught with great results. Her students benefited greatly from her experience and expertise. The improvements she made in our corps were wonderful which raised the quality of our performances to a new level.”
Anna-Marie Holmes,   Artistic Director - Boston Ballet, 1998

“Caroline Llorca quickly proved that her qualities reached beyond the boundaries of being a very good coach and teacher, having both analytical and practical mind. She has the right awareness, good taste and at the same time a good down to hearth human sense.
Dinna Björn, Artistic Director - Finnish National Ballet 2005

La Bayadère, Munich

Swan Lake, Oslo

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