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“Leaving life without transmitting is leaving as a thief.”, Popular saying


I had the incredible luck to study in France and Russia. The impact of French and Russian ballet, on the ballet world is immense. I fully understand the honor to be a part of this cultural chain and the duty to transmit this invaluable heritage.


The technique of ballet is really only to allow the dancer to express with his personality and soul, a large variety of emotions. At the height of his jump, joy, love, or rage are expressed. But if after years of corporal training, the artist forgets why he jumps, then he steps back to an only technically perfect dancer. The audience will receive no emotions and will not have the chance to dream, the dancer will be forgotten as soon as a new one comes. Technique is not the goal!

“Dear Caroline, In the meantime your reputation as teacher became truly international and we deeply appreciate your artistic affection and loyalty for the Waganova style."
J.Louchina, Director - Choreography Academy A.I. Vaganova, Leningrad 1986

“Caroline was wonderful! Her interest in educating young people in the Arts is very exciting.”
Joanne Billo, Career Specialist - Natick High School, Boston 1993
"[...] Le cours de Mme Llorca ressortait par sa clarté, sa rigueur et sa dynamique. Sa manière d´aborder le travail dans une ambiance à la fois joyeuse et très précise entraînait les élèves dans un réel investissement. Mme Llorca a véritablement suscité une grande motivation chez nos étudiants, car elle a su valoriser le plaisir du travail technique, tout autant que celui de l´interprétation et de la sensibilité artistique que seul peut révéler un véritable travail en profondeur. "
Quentin Rouillier, Directeur des études Chorégraphiques. Paris, 2001

© Caroline Martin

© Caroline Martin

© Caroline Martin

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